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Herbert-DeloRey-smHerbert DeloRey has been involved with YU-CCAN almost from the time to company started and uses YU-CCAN products enthusiastically on a regular basis.


Today we hear so many people refer to their allergies.

  • Just what do you mean ‘allergies’?
  • How do they manifest? When do they manifest?
  • What happens to us when they manifest?
  • Is there a cure for allergies? Can we be rid of them forever?
  • Let’s consider some musings here. All fair questions, yes/no?

What is an allergy?

It is a response by the body to a foreign invader, i.e., that which should not be in the body and that which the body cannot break down or deal with, so it reacts!

What are its reactions?

Well, to name a few: itching and sneezing and/or flushing of the skin; vomiting; diarrhea; strictures of the windpipe; very rapid heart flutterings; swelling of tissue; coughing, etc.

Of course, these are all alarm states that your body generates to make you aware that something must be done to address the problem. The body usually does so by “hypersensitivity response”, which can be pretty much akin to anaphylactic shock which is an acute, potentially life-threatening and extremely severe reaction, especially in those who have had prior exposure to allergenic substances.

It is the most extreme and serious type of reaction which is manifested by an immediate and dramatic response to these allergenic substances. The results are usually widespread swelling and itching or rash, and unless reversed, can lead to respiratory arrest, shock and even death.

“Misery” is often how allergy sufferers describe their malady. Other than the aforementioned symptoms, these victims can also manifest dark circles under their eyes, hives, eczema, shortness of breath and coughing and wheezing.

There are many, many causes (reams of books have been written on the topic) and there is a great increase in the number of people becoming susceptible to allergic reactions.

Environmental toxicity is a real big culprit here. As people become more and more exposed to them, the immune functions begin to weaken.

Today, there are so many pollutants in the air, such as formaldehyde, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide. There are so many dangerous elements in our foods, such as MSG, sulfites, synthetic colourings, antibiotics, to mention but a few. Can we really and truly avoid them all? Unless, of course, we want to run off to the mountains in Tibet and live on green goat cheese and glacier milk.

There are a wide variety of elements that can trigger allergic reactions, such as foods (peanuts, shellfish, etc.), drugs (penicillin and vaccines), insect stings, and especially molds and fungi.

Let’s talk about molds for a bit. These are micro-organisms classified in a league all by themselves. Many people today have extreme reactions to molds. They are so prevalent today and there is hardly any escaping it. They are living organisms that thrive where no other life form can. They live throughout our households, in basements, under sinks, in our refrigerators. In fact, they flourish and reproduce in the air, in the soil and in damp and dark places.

Consider that the interior of our bodies is the ultimate haven for molds. It is warm, dark and moist – the perfect breeding ground for them. My studies and experiences have brought me to conclude that molds and fungi (especially the mucor racemosis family) play a very, very significant role in ALL cancers. I say that with a certainty!

While molds are destructive, they are also quite beneficial. They are nature’s “decay-catalysts” in returning all things back to nature. They are beneficial in the cheese-making process, they help to fertilize the soil naturally. Penicillin is also made from molds. The spores are carried in the wind to all parts of the earth. Molds tend to gather and collect in our homes where they become an ever present danger. An important key is to rid domiciles of molds and airborne bacteria.

Consider using an air purifier as an aid to give you healthy and clean indoor air. Only good can result from having one in your home.



We all hear these terms used so frequently but have you ever stopped to really think of what cholesterol is? How and why is it produced in the body? And for what function? Does cholesterol have one function, or does it have many functions? We so often hear people commenting on the fact that they have to “get their cholesterol lower”.

Let’s explore: Cholesterol is a member of the sterol family. It is found in foods and is also manufactured by the body. It is a fat, another term sometimes used for it is “lipid”. It is a substance, high in energy, wherein it supplies to the body its major supply of fuel for the body’s metabolic processes and energy levels. These lipids, when provided in abundance, are stored by the body in the fat storage containment areas.

While it is so essential to many body functions, it has also been implicated as a primary factor in heart and circulatory diseases. Without cholesterol (which is produced mainly in the liver) the body just wouldn’t function properly. It uses cholesterol to build cellular membranes; it aids in the digestive process and the body also produces a lot of the sex hormones with the cholesterol. It is distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream and more often than not, will form plaque which further tends to collect debris and plugs up the arteries and veins and could ultimately be responsible for the conditions that lead to heart disease.

There are basically two types of cholesterol, namely HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) – these are the “good” cholesterol, and LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins) – and these are classed as the “bad” cholesterol.

HDL’s are dense molecules consisting of protein and fat. They circulate around in the bloodstream and remove excess cholesterol. As they rove throughout the body, they make chemistry “bondings” with other cholesterol-developing factors, and even certain cholesterol complexes that have already developed and delivered and then transport them back to the liver and sends them through a “salvaging/recycling” process.

It has been observed that people with higher HDL levels run a much lesser risk of heart or cardiovascular diseases because the high HDL levels are able to clear the cholesterol so much more effectively from the blood. With high concentrations of HDL, the atherosclerosis process that usually is responsible for heart attacks is essentially reversed. So, a person’s goal should be to have a higher level of HDL than LDL.

LDL’s result when one consumes a lot of the commercially processed animal fats and sugars and alcohol. It is when we have high levels of LDL that we run the risk of cardiovascular challenges and heart attacks.

LDL’s are that type of cholesterol-fat that the body is quite unable to use and it is this that usually ends up as plaque in the arteries and veins. Even though we may consume a large amount of fats in our diets, our body still does produce its own natural cholesterol. How and why does it do this?

Consider this: The DNA blueprint is, in essence, the library of the human body wherein you have recorded the electro-magnetic energy signature of every chemical, acid and elemental factor that your body is made up of. I liken the immune system to that of a carpenter when he or she is building a house. They need to always refer to the blueprint, do they not? The immune system is no different. Every time it needs to effect repair in the system and to generate good healthy tissue, it has to very quickly scan certain areas of the blueprint. We, like our fingerprints that are so individually unique, have specific frequency requirements. When your body needs to produce its own natural cholesterol, it will produce it to your own specific requirements. Would my specific cholesterol requirements be the same as yours? Methinks not!!

Take vitamins, for example. There is really no such thing as a vitamin (per se) in a food. Often, you’ll read in a book: Eat an orange – it’s high in Vitamin C. That in itself is a misnomer. Let’s say I split an orange down the middle. You eat half and I eat the other half. Here’s the process: Our bodies, if we have them working properly, of course, will break down that orange into its isolated chemical constituents and then re-synthesize them into that energy-nutrient structure that we’ve come to call “Vitamin C”.

How does the body do that? Again, the immune system will very quickly scan the DNA blueprint for the frequency signature requirements and then go about producing that energy nutrient structure needed by the body.

So, does it make sense to walk into a store and see 10-12 different brands of Vitamin C and expect to get good from them all? Methinks not!! I’m not expressing that those products are not effective. It does go without saying, however, that a lot of them are there more for their commercial value than their nutritional value. We live in a culture wherein a large segment of the health food industry would have us believe that we can find health and well being in the form of a capsule or pill.

But that’s not it at all. We need to keep the body clean internally. And that’s not really a difficult thing to do. When our bodies are clean on the inside, they will most likely be running like a good automobile engine with clean oil.

You know where I’m going with this. When we consume CANAID Herbal Supplement  especially, it is so chock-full of nutrients and cleansing factors for the arteries and veins (and all highly organic in nature), that they make it so much easier for the body to produce proper levels of natural cholesterol and to help the body to keep the bloodstream plaque free. We would be remiss not to use it.

Am I saying that to merely consume these YU-CCAN products is a guarantee that we are going to have good health? Of course not! We also need to fortify ourselves with balanced and less stressed lifestyles. Homeostasis simply means every organ in the body working together to bring about a smooth flow of energy throughout the body that will result in good health and well-being.

As a science, we still know so little about the body, but we are also learning more and more about ourselves. Not that much is yet known about the intricacies of cholesterol. Cholesterol has become such an oft-heard word that we use complacently while understanding so little about it.

The body understands simplicity and we have so much at our disposal, that which is simplicity in itself.

Hope this helps a bit and I welcome your questions and comments.


Did you know that close to one million North Americans will get diabetes this year? When most people hear of or think of diabetes, the first thing that generally runs through their minds is the connection with insulin; that they are lacking it and if they take insulin, either orally or by way of injection, they should be all right and life goes on.

In actuality, diabetes consists of a whole range of metabolic disorders and is usually the culprit in a host of other serious health challenges. For example, Did you know that diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people who are age 30 to 75, and also leg and foot amputations?

  • Did you know that if you have diabetes, it makes you four times more susceptible to heart disease and five times more likely to have a stroke?
  • Did you know the diabetes is responsible for approximately 33% of all kidney and renal failures?
  • Did you know that diabetes is among the top five causes of death?

What impacts me most is not so much that it’s one of the most common serious diseases, but that, possibly more than any other health challenge, it can be easily prevented.

Although close to one million people will get it this year, another 34 million people won’t even know that they are in the early stages of it themselves. Studies show that 94% of people with diabetes have Type II, also known as adult onset or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

There are some quite simple guidelines for people with Type II diabetes wherein they can halt the progression of their condition, and actually be able to decrease the amount of insulin they need, by up to 50%.

Some major controlling factors for developing that condition called diabetes are lack of, or no exercise, obesity and metabolism disorders, stress, poor nutritional and dietary lifestyles and habits. Even if diabetes mellitus Type II is in your family gene pool, you can keep the condition in check by a few simple steps which are not at all difficult.

First, exercise, it could actually save your life. I know you’ve heard this many times before but it does bear repeating. Many, if not most of us today, have very sedentary lifestyles. I can think of nothing more important than good effective and regular exercise, with the emphasis on regular.

Second, get back to your regular weight. Ninety percent of people with diabetes are not just overweight, they are obese, which is a disease condition in itself. I don’t recommend anyone jumping on the diet bandwagon because as most of you know, dieting is generally more harmful than helpful.

Did you know that the average person in our culture today needs at least 5 to 5 ½ times the food that our bodies actually need, at each setting? Try to eat smaller amounts of food at each sitting. Eat plenty of onions, garlic, legumes, cucumber, barley, beans, oatmeal and whole grain products.

Thirdly, deal was stress. We live in such as stressful society today that we do need to stop from time to time and take stock of stress in our lives and what we are doing to handle it. So many others today are potential diabetics because of their lifestyles, such as poor diets, not getting enough sleep, becoming over exhausted and anxious – this one alone can devastate your hormones, blood sugar levels, metabolism, and so on.

Most importantly use CANAID Herbal Supplement on a maintenance basis. That formulation will do more for giving the body the proper tools with which it may completely rebuild the pancreas so as to ward off any potential aspects of diabetes. And on top of that, it is a very pleasant tasting tea.

Know that by the time a person gets to the diagnosis of diabetes, there has to be a lot of degenerate conditions already occurring in the body. Hence, the greater the urgency and importance of getting lots of CANAID in your system to assist the body in clearing out all those degenerative cellular waste products that the body is having a hard time to rid itself of. Once the pancreas is in trouble, that can only be the beginning of woes.

So, in the final analysis, just what is your health worth to you? Don’t wait for sickness and disease to occur before doing anything about it. Do what you’ve got to do now so as to be in the preventative mode.


Did you know that depression is on the rise in greater and greater numbers than ever before? Do you ever wonder why that is so? Do you suffer from depression, or at least from those symptoms that are generally diagnosed as depression?  Did you know that if you do suffer from depression, there is a way out of it for you and you don’t have to go the “prescribed drug ‘ route? Do you know what depression really is? Doesn’t Mr. & Mrs. Doctor tell us that depression is a mental and/or emotional problem? Do you believe that to be so?

Do you know what to look for in a depressed person? The symptoms of depression are many and varied. They include insomnia, lethargy, chronic fatigue syndrome, anger and irritability, sadness, feelings of worthless and despair, loss of appetite, headaches, backaches, to mention but a few.

There is depression, then there is major depression, there is manic depression and there is depression with chronic fatigue. And there is help and hope for them all.

Let’s consider some aspects of that condition we have come to call depression. It can be caused by any number of a wide variety of factors. Conventional dictates will say that depression may be caused by such condition as stress, headaches, tension, thyroid disorders, allergies or even seasonal effective disorders. Rather, these are all what I feel are symptoms, not causes, of depression.

Depression begins with an upset and/or imbalance of body chemistry, especially in the brain. The first disturbance usually manifests itself in that part of the brain that governs moods. Most people can handle it and continue on their way and are readily able to adjust to the pressures presented. It is when the stress becomes too great or is consistent that depression will be triggered.

Certain outward manifestations to be aware of would be such things as a markedly diminished interest in any of your usual activities, even including sexual relations, a significant weight loss or gain, or even a change in appetite, fatigue or loss of memory and concentration, recurrent thoughts of suicide or death. And this can hit any age group.

Depression starts out as being strictly physical and, while almost everyone in our culture today at one time or another will suffer from a mild form of depression, we need to look at our lifestyles and see what those factors of cause are. Do not most people’s dietary lifestyles today leave much to be desired? I’ve watched in the supermarkets what people put into their shopping buggies and it tells me so very much about the health of that family or person in general. So many people today just simply drag themselves around with such great effort. If I had to say what I see people lacking the most of today, I would have to say it is energy.

There are some who become more depressed in the winter than at any other time of the year because of lack of sunshine. The days are shorter and darkness comes so much earlier. Sunshine provides the body with certain nutrients that trigger a response by the pineal gland to produce melatonin, a hormone in the brain which, in part, helps to prevent experiencing the “blues”. Interestingly enough, research has revealed that just a couple of hours of early morning sunshine will go a long way to lifting depression. We also need to take a sincere look at our diets. So many diets today are lacking in such things as folic acid and vitamin B complex, both of which figure prominently in what we would call depression. I think you’ll agree that foods do greatly influence our behaviour. When we have poor eating habits and snack on a lot of junk foods, we are messing up our brains’ neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine, GABA, norepinephrine, etc.

When the brain has a healthy production of serotonin, for example, we find that we are not affected much by tension. When the brain has a healthy production of norepinephrine or dopamine, we tend to think and act more alertly and have quicker responses to what’s going on around us.

At a physiological and neurochemical level, these neurotransmitters become extremely important. They, along with the acetylcholine chloride molecule, carry impulses from nerve to nerve. A most important precursor to the serotonin molecule is the amino acid, tryptophan, which is readily available in turkey and whole grains, for example, as well as fish (especially salmon) and fish oils. If you are nervous or uptight and wish to become more relaxed, then you should consume more carbohydrates. If you are tired and wish to become more alert and want more energy, then you should consume more protein than carbohydrates.

We’ve talked about certain areas of nutrition but, in the final analysis, what is the most important aspect of all this? First, shouldn’t we keep the body clean and therefore in a constant state of self repair? You’ve heard me say this many times before but it never hurts to reiterate these important facts. I know most of you out there in YU-CCAN land are quite health conscious and take as good nutritional care of yourselves as you can, and that, of course, is important. It is so much easier for the body to be a good state of repair when it is clean internally. Then the body doesn’t have to focus on getting rid of the wastes, which tend to accumulate in the body. We are doing that ourselves be maintaining a reasonably good and healthy lifestyle.

Depression and chronic fatigue tend to go hand in hand, and while it may not be considered as serious as major depression or manic depression, it sure does rob from the quality of life. It has so much to do with physical and chemical imbalances within the body. Adopting a regular schedule that provides adequate rest, and exercise, not overworking, avoiding alcohol, illicit drugs and excessive caffeine products, as well as eating a balanced diet with regular meals and proper nutrition, will take you a long way to dealing with depression.

As always, I recommend the YU-CCAN products because of the tremendous job they do in helping to keep the body clean, as well as giving the body so many nutrients with which to work. Over the years, I have seen the tremendous boost that they have provided in helping so many people get back on the track to good health and well-being.

P.S. Yes, dear friends in YU-CCAN land, in every article that I have contributed to the YU-CCAN SUCCESS EXPRESS, you will see that I am quite biased – and right well I should be! The integrity behind the production of the YU-CCAN products is second to none, as I have had the opportunity to observe personally. And the results I’ve seen with literally thousands of patients using the products over the years, have shown me beyond a shadow of a doubt that these products have a bright and sure future ahead in assisting us with keeping up good health.


Did you know that headaches account for more doctor’s visits than any other single health condition?

Did you know that a headache can be a signal that something serious is wrong? Or that a headache can be a message that a person’s stress level has exceeded that which his/her body has the ability to adapt to smoothly and healthfully?

Did you know that a headache can serve as a warning that you need to change, not just take a break, from certain goings-on in your life? Perhaps you need to deal with some emotional conflicts, or change your dietary lifestyle, or reduce your exposure to certain environmental toxins.

It goes without saying, of course, that there are many different descriptions of headaches, such as vascular, tension, migraine, sinus headaches, etc.

Let’s consider migraines. According to the Merck Manual of Diagnosis, the general physicians’ guide, the cause is unknown, but evidence now suggests that it is attributable to a generally transmitted functional disturbance of intra and extracranial circulation. Regional alteration in cerebral blood flow, due to intracranial arterial vasodilation, are known to accompany the migraine attack and might possibly be the actual cause of it.

Migraines can last for hours or days, with accompanying nausea and vomiting and sweating wherein the victim’s extremities tend to be cold and the victim also tends to feel great irritations and seeks seclusion.

Patients have described their experiences of migraines to me as beginning with a throbbing pain that quite often starts at the back of the head and then spreads around the entire side(s) of the head and centres itself above or behind the eye(s).

Migraines can come on suddenly and without warning and can be quite severe. In fact, they can be so severe as to make the slightest noise and even light unbearable.

Studies have shown that migraines in general are triggered by stress, or constipation, or allergies and, in some instances, liver malfunction. In my work and studies, I have found that migraines are often caused by insufficient oxygen to the brain, heavy metal toxins (such as from amalgam fillings) and also iron deficiencies.

In the final analysis, I believe that there is only one disease – and that is intestinal toxemia. All other symptoms I would consider to be resulting processes.

We’ve talked a lot in the past about the importance of detoxification of the upper and lower gastro-intestinal tract. Rid the body of toxemia — establish good breathing habits — drink properly purified water — have a reasonably balanced dietary lifestyle – always use the tremendous YU-CCAN products – and good health and well-being will almost surely be guaranteed.

Skin Cancer

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in North America today?  Did you know that excessive exposure to the sun can result in such damages as: premature aging of the skin chronic dryness of the skin sensitive, sagging and tired skin, and cancer?

Did you know that the major cause of wrinkles and 90% of most forms of skin cancer can also be attributed to all those chemical sunscreens and tan lotions?

Did you know that research is bearing out that it is not only overexposure to the sun that is responsible for skin cancer but the fact that, on the societal level, we have such overtaxed immune systems and poor dietary lifestyles.

Important consideration must be given to that which we put in our mouths. Be aware that a diet that is poor in nutrients and high in fat can greatly contribute to skin cancer development.

The standard reference books today will tell you there are three forms of skin cancer, with the two most common forms being basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. These two types are readily curable with early detection and treatment.

Melanoma is a more rare type of skin cancer that is much more serious, especially if it progresses toward malignancy. It can be and is quite life-threatening if not caught and treated at an early stage.

In melanoma, a tumour originates in the pigment-producing cells of the deeper epithelial tissues. It can be cured if discovered and treated early. It often begins as a lesion that looks like a mole. While most people have moles, this certainly does not mark them as a cancer risk.

It is those new moles that appear after we turn the hillside of 40 that we need to watch carefully. When they appear unusual or if they change in size or colour, they should be checked immediately by your doctor. Any suspicious skin lesions should also be monitored very closely.

Melanoma occurs most frequently on the lower legs and upper back; also on mucous membranes or under the nails. These can be preceded by skin lesions for years, which eventually become rock like and then ulcerate. By this time the lymph nodes and other organs are brought into the arena.

It is deemed that over exposure to the UV rays disrupt the DNA in the skin cells. Anyone with severe or blistering sunburn run twice the risk of developing a melanoma malignancy.

Those with fair skin are at a much greater risk for the simple reason that they have less of the protective pigment in their skin.

It may be possible to develop skin cancer without even being in the sun. Stay away from sunbeds and tanning salons!!! They were once considered safer than the sun but oh how research has changed that. The tanning beds emit UV-A (i.e., the cool end of the sun’s rays). It was once thought that the UV-B (i.e., the rays at the hot end of the sun’s spectrum) were the culprits in causing and developing cancer. It has now been shown that just as much damage occurs from UV-A as from UV-B.

Let’s consider some precautions. I’m sure most of you are already aware of these but it never hurts to review the extra-protective measures regarding exposure to the sun.

Stay out of the sun as much as possible between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., even on hazy and overcast days. Wear clothes that are lightweight and tightly woven together. Stay away from sunbeds and tanning salons. Pay attention to any moles that might be irregularly shaped or if they change their size or colour, or if they itch. Using antibiotics or anti-depressants, or diuretics or estrogen or even anti-histamines can cause one to have a terrible sunburn after even a short-lived exposure to the sun. One should always be taking a good source of essential fatty acids.

Now it goes without saying that if one has a good strong immune system and a reasonably balanced dietary lifestyle and takes the usual steps of health maintenance, the result is good nutrition delivery to the skin.

This is what we’ve always been talking about in these pages; that the body should be able to go a long way in protecting us from such things as skin cancer, to mention but one.

In all the years that I’ve been working in my practice with the YU-CCAN products, I’ve never seen anything so effective as CANAID Herbal Supplement in assisting the body to deal with the likes of skin cancer. For those with any kind of a skin challenge, I would wholeheartedly suggest using CANAID internally to keep the body in a high state of cleanliness and to also deliver highly organic essential trace elements, minerals and vitamins to the layers of the skin. Even when applied topically, it has resulted in drastic changes for the better. I know you’ll be pleased with the results.

You are all aware that in our world today, we don’t always have access to the best of foods. So, the bottom-line is, tend to the internal and the external and our bodies will go along way toward maintaining good health and well-being.


FIBROMYALGIA . . . a term we seem to hear often these days.

I’ll bet every one of us knows at least someone who has this condition. Although men and younger children can be affected with this condition, it is mostly women who are affected by it.

It is quite hard to diagnose . . . the usual symptoms are chronic pain and stiffness with extreme tenderness around joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the muscles (tendons join bones to muscles and ligaments join bones to bones). Other symptoms include continual fatigue and lack of energy and sleep interruptions.

Fibromyalgia may occur in one or more areas of the body at the same time or may occur in different areas at different times. But predisposed areas tend to be the neck and shoulders and chest and lower back and thighs.

Little is known about fibromyalgia, but research is beginning to establish links to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and possible virus activity or the result of toxic build-up of lactic acid and/or uric and hippuric acid in the system.

Stress is certainly also an important factor. Chronic constipation also is coming to the fore in being a significant factor. Although research is merely suggesting this, I am of the strong opinion that an Irritable Bowel is a most significant factor.

I’ve long understood that in the final analysis there is only one disease and that is intestinal toxemia. All other conditions of disease are merely processed. Food sensitivities and overweight conditions tend to aggravate the condition of fibromyalgia.

Often, anti-inflammatory drugs and depressants are prescribed but these only serve to attempt an alleviation of symptoms and in many, if not most, cases ends up aggravating the condition.

Enzymes have been found to be most helpful in aiding the body to process stages of health-building. Many people will try reams of vitamin and mineral supplements and/or herbal concoctions, usually to no avail. They are merely giving their bodies chemical isolates with much of the needed spectrum still missing.

Why not take the holistic approach? For example, seek to have as good a diet as you can (which includes proper habits such as chewing your food to liquid consistency before swallowing); get rid of stress in your life; use proper breathing techniques; take long and brisk walks; and above all, keep your intestinal system clean and working in good order!!

You have at your disposal the tremendous YU-CCAN products which will enable you to do that, especially the CANAID Herbal Supplement  (a combination of burdock, slippery elm, sheep sorrel and Turkish rhubarb) which already has had great results in improving this condition.

It’s not a fun condition to be struck with. Continual pain and aches can surely rob you of a state of good health and well-being. As we know, constant pains can easily lead to depression and discouragement and take so much quality out of our lives.

So, any of you out there in YU-CCAN land who know someone with this challenge – go to them, explain to them the incredible benefits of CANAID in this particular matter and encourage them to give it a good and honest try. I know you will agree with me when I say that you will be happy to see the results when they follow your suggestions. It costs so very little to have good health and well-being.

What About Our Water?

If you want to step up to your faucet and drink all “natural” water out of it that you could everyday, I can almost guarantee that, in no time at all, you would be able to effectively speed up the aging process.

You know, there is something occurring in our society today with a greater and greater frequency and magnitude that medical doctors call “Arterial Occlusion”. In plain language that means a blockage of the blood vessels and arteries with a harsh, gummy, inorganic mineral residue that usually results in strokes and heart attacks, sometimes fatal.

Now, what on earth is it that we put into our bodies that creates this result? Well, the answer is quite simple…natural water.

But first, let’s just briefly consider the processes the body goes through when we put anything into our mouths and swallow it.

It travels down the oesophagus into the stomach, being partially digested along the way and into the duodenum (or the lower stomach) where it is mixed further with bile juices from the gallbladder and digestive enzymes from the pancreas, and then on into the small intestine, which is a tube about twenty to twenty-five feet long, will transfer what it can to the liver for further processing and eventual distribution out into the system. That which had not been disintegrated enough will be passed on to the colon for ultimate elimination from the body.

Now, in a crude manner of explaining it, that’s the journey of food. But the journey of liquid is entirely different. Water, for example, does not need to be digested so it travels right on through to the small intestine where, depending on whether it’s natural or pure water, will take one of two paths. Please let me qualify what I mean by natural water. It is that which comes from springs, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, your faucet and it is replete with those mineral elements (which are inorganic in nature) which it has collected in its journey through the earth, soil and rocks.

Now, nature did not equip our bodies to utilize these harsh, inorganic minerals so they must be passed on through the portal vessels and on to the liver for further segregating and anatomizing, in that it must separate these minerals from the H2O molecule to result in pure water.

The liver, after it separates these inorganic minerals, cannot keep them. It sends them out into the bloodstream where one of the functions of pure water is to leach these minerals out of the body. Remember, the blood and lymphatic system can only use pure water to carry out their tasks in the body.

Now the difference between natural water and pure water is that pure water contains one molecule of oxygen and two molecules of hydrogen and nothing else, whereas “natural water has all those inorganic minerals we mentioned earlier, i.e., calcium (lime), phosphate, copper, lead, iron, magnesium, manganese, etc.

If we drink purified water then it doesn’t need to be sent to the liver for purification. Instead it is absorbed through the lymphatic vessels directly into the system, to carry on its work, such as carrying nutrients to the cells and transporting wastes to the eliminative organs and lungs for excretion, and the myriad of other jobs it has to do!

All the minerals of the body are composed of the same minerals of the earth, yet with one great and vast difference. The minerals as they are in the earth are highly inorganic whereas the minerals the body is composed of are organic minerals with very special life-giving electromagnetic properties inherent in them.

The minerals in natural water are coarse and lifeless and are incompatible with the cells’ need and are therefore rejected by them. Pure water has the spark of life where it can capture those harsh inorganic minerals and, with the assistance of the blood and lymph, transport them out of the body through the waste outlets.

Contrary to popular belief and opinion, we are not to get our trace elements and minerals from the water that we drink, but from the foods that we eat.

The inorganic elements and minerals of the earth were designed by nature to be food for trees and plants and fruits where, once they are assimilated into the plants, they are converted into those living organic, rich with enzymes, minerals that the body needs.

Want to try a neat experiment? Have a urinalysis made before you start and then for three or four weeks, drink only pure water and then have another analysis. You will be surprised – there is no alternative for experience.

Question: Should we be drinking natural or pure water? Answer is obvious, isn’t it?

And we are so fortunate that YU-CCAN, with its unreserved mission to do its part in helping people everywhere to maintain clean and healthy environments, within as well as without, as come online with two different reverse osmosis systems at prices that are so reasonable and below all the other R.O. units I’ve been able to compare with. R.O., incidentally, is the most superior method of purifying water that there is and, of course, trust YU-CCAN to go with only the best.

The Prostate

Or should I say the “prostrate”, because if you ask ten men about it, I am willing to bet that six of them will call it the “prostrate”. Most know so very little about it – that little walnut-shaped gland that only males are blessed with (sic.) which is situated at the base of the bladder and surrounds the urethra. This gland is one of the most common troublemakers in mens’ genitourinary systems.

The prostate gland produces the fluid that mixes with semen to make up part of the seminal fluid. There are some unknowns about the seminal fluid but one school of medical thought is that one of its roles is to help keep the sperm active so that fertilization can occur more easily.

Today, four out of five men over 40 have some prostate challenges of one kind or another. The most common problem is Prostatitis, which is an inflammation of the gland. It usually occurs in older men and is caused by an enlargement that takes place gradually over a period of years. When Prostatitis hits younger men it is usually caused by a bacterial infection from another area of the body which spreads to the prostate.

Some of the symptoms of Prostatitis are pain between the scrotum and rectum and blood or pus in the urine, fever, frequent urination that is sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation, and in some instances, there is an actual block which makes urination very difficult. This gradual enlargement of the prostate is termed by medical science as benign hypertrophy.

If left untreated, Prostatitis can turn into very serious challenges. It can back up the kidneys and result in damage to both the kidneys and the bladder. You see, the urine is loaded with poisons and toxins that the body is attempting to eliminate and when it backs up because of an enlarged prostate, it soon poisons the bladder and the kidneys. So often patients will complain to me that they have a need to get up frequently during the night to urinate. They may find it very difficult to urinate and only pass a small amount of urine.

Prostatitis is a relatively easy challenge to deal with, especially when caught in the early stages. More men today have enlarged prostates and in many, if not most, cases are not even aware of it. Repeated infections, if not dealt with, greatly increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Both prostate enlargement and prostate cancer are also directly related to hormonal changes as men get older, not unlike the ‘menopausal changes’ that women go through as they pass through their reproductive years.

Prostate challenges are contributable to poor diet and sedentary lifestyles. Greasy and processed foods are surely a culprit. It has been clearly demonstrated that the development of prostate cancer has risen dramatically in the last 75 or so years. That coincides with the same time frame that man began to eat processed foods as a staple part of his diet. A good brisk daily walk is one of the very best antidotes to most any form of prostate challenge.

Something men should get in the habit of doing is contracting their pubococcygeal muscle often during the day and evening. Now I know that muscle is not a part of everyone’s vocabulary but visualize that you have to urinate really bad and you are in public with no toilet in sight. Which man among us has not experienced this sensation, as you are trying to get the key in the door. You all know what I’m talking about here. The normal thing to do would be to be squeezing and holding back. The muscle that you are using to do that is the pubococcygeal muscle. Contracting that muscle will surely guarantee that you will be tending to that muscle and will ultimately be very beneficial to carrying blood to that most important area of the human body.

Of course, it goes without saying that when we have good clean and healthy bodies there can be no room for disease. Drinking lots of purified water is tremendously important for maintaining good health. YU-CCAN Herbal Supplement, as you know, helps the body to provide lots of oxygen and friendly bacteria of which we are in such short supply. Some later studies are finding a link between prostate inflammations and fungal infections. Given that fungal infections do figure very prominently in cancers, YU-CCAN Herbal Supplement is extremely beneficial in helping the body to destroy those fungal organisms.

CANAID Herbal Supplement  is extremely helpful in giving the body the tools with which it can destroy any tumors or growths that ought not to be there. B-FIT gives the immune system a stimulus and boost that enables it to deal more effectively with any challenges being presented to the body.

So, once again, the tremendous products which we are so privileged to have at our disposal come to the rescue.

Understanding Cancer

To make the statement that everyone has cancer in them is not intended to be discouraging, but, it does need to be qualified.

What everyone has are oncogenes, which are actually precursors (or basic building blocks) to mainstream cancer. Oncogenes are found in every cell. They have an important part in directing proper cellular proliferation. When certain abnormalities occur in these genes, they have been found to be part of the process that creates cancer.

We have a genetic and inherited trait residing in our cells that will cause them to produce rapidly-proliferating tissue, and that production can either be degenerative and destructive, or it can be regenerative and life-giving.

Cancer cells are quite different from healthy cells in various ways. It isn’t necessary to delve deeply into the physiology for the purpose of this article but the principle is that when these oncogenes are roused, they begin to regenerate very, very rapidly. Their growth becomes unrestrained and they infiltrate and mutate normal cells.

Cancer is in actuality a rapid generation of new cells.

Our DNA is unchangeable, except of course we may have mutation or radiation or various factors known to be carcinogenic.

Factors such as tobacco smoke, alcohol, asbestos, aluminum and other heavy metals, even certain viruses, especially those that are parasitic in nature.

It generally requires two or three oncogenes to transform a cell from normal to malignant. Once the oncogene kicks in, the growth rate is incredibly fast.

The oncogene is that portion of the cell that kicks in the reproduction of abnormal and rapidly-growing tissue. It is an actual regeneration of abnormal cells and they mass-produce; they take massive amounts of food and energy and also our life force from us, producing until it reaches the tumour stage and of course creates a greater and greater imbalance within the body, even though our immune systems are continuously working to maintain homeostasis and balance.

All the while, the immune system will tax itself to the utmost to try and deal with it. The cells just go on regenerating more and more cancerous tissue endlessly. That aspect of cellular reproduction is just carrying out its job impartially.

The immune system is seeking to arrest that growth by producing cells which are capable of identifying and targeting the enemy and producing other cells that will destroy it.

The cellular intelligence of the oncogene itself is that of survival, i.e., it too, has its own program of direction.

Ultimately, the system is depleted of all its energy forces. So the paradox is that even though we might be giving our bodies the best nutrients available, we are in actual fact feeding the cancer instead of feeding those aspects of the body that need the nutrients.

A statistic in this country is that two out of three people will die of cancer. That’s a frightening spectre. Now, all three have cancer, but what is it that causes two to succumb and ultimately die while the third one overcomes it?

What is the difference? Could a difference be the balance of one’s lifestyle? One’s physical environment (inner and outer), one’s emotions, even one’s outlook? There are possibly many factors. Let us consider one of the most important, that of balancing the body. We definitely need good nutrition, but that feeds the cancer. We need to have a safe and clean environment in our bodies.

What is it that causes the increased number of cancer cells to the point where the immune system can no longer control it? I perceive it to be that of cellular irritation where the cells become so agitated and mired in its wastes that the oncogene is switched on and begins the mutation and proliferation process that results in cancer. We have no control over things like sunspots when gamma radiation, for example, is released in greater amounts.

What about our chemical environment? Those chemicals and gases that are in our new carpets? The industrial pollutants extant all around us? The food preservatives, not to mention the mutated foods themselves? During the growing season, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are incorporated into the actual flesh of the fruits and vegetables we buy in our local supermarkets. The list can go on.

So, we have a greater challenge to do all in our power to keep our internal environment as clear and free as we can of wastes and pollutants and also then to be able to eat the best of enzyme-rich nutrients that we can. The key is to work to keep the body in a state of balance so that the mutational regeneration of the oncogenes can not seize the chance to mutate and reproduce. We need to give our immune systems all the help we can. We need to concern ourselves with prevention.

We need to understand that if we provide a balance to that ecosystem in our bodies, then homeostasis can more easily become the order of the day. Work to avoid stress.

Take responsibility to learn more about those things that contribute to your good health and well-being. Begin incorporating your own personal plan for the prevention of diseases. I don’t say this lightly. I know that there are no quick and easy answers, but there is enough information extant for us to take charge. Optimal health must come from within.

Look at your foods. Are they enzyme-rich or are they depleted of their nutrients?

Look at you lifestyle. Is it wholesome and balanced? Are you happy? And if you are not, why not? What are you doing about it?

How about stress? In the workplace? In the home? These can all become accumulative! It’s no easy path but if you don’t take measures of prevention now, no one else is going to do it for you.

The choice is yours. You can either walk toward sickness and debilities and ultimately death; or you can walk down the path that leads to good health and well-being.

There is nothing in this world quite so good as that continual wellspring of good health and well-being.

Holiday Moderation

Seasons Greetings to All

It’s that time of year when we gather together with our friends and family and share good food and drink and memories of holiday gone by.

It is particularly important to be aware of your diet this time of year. As I have mentioned in my articles before, what we put into our mouths has a direct result on the build up of toxic waste in our systems. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of using the YU-CCAN products on a regular basis.

Moderation is important and common sense and planning can help you get through the holiday season. If you are going to be visiting in the afternoon, have a nutritious breakfast to start your day. A bit of Aunt Betty’s baking, or a holiday drink with a friend is part of the season, but remember moderation.

Plan outdoor activities. Maybe you will have an opportunity for a ski trip, or ice-skating with the children. It’s a wonderful time for a brisk walk outdoors, breathing fresh air and toning up our bodies.

And don’t forget to set aside a ten or fifteen minutes of quiet time each day to be alone and reflect.

Take advantage of the holiday season to relax and enjoy the spirit of the season. With best wishes for your good health.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

More than ever, people are walking into my clinic complaining of being constantly fatigued. So many talk about having chronic fatigue, yet do not know much about it. How does one really know? What does one look for?

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) really? So many writings today are very informative, but what I have found is that most researchers will generally try to link CFS with the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV). That is another topic altogether in that they both manifest very different symptoms.

My feeling s are that CFS is a group of symptoms that are not related to any one specific disease entity but rather are caused by a disease pathogen or a disease organism that detracts from a person’s overall state of health.

A pathogen is a simply a catalytic and opportunistic virus, germ or bacteria that needs some kind of nutritional support that will be conducive to its own survival. So even if we are eating the best of foods, some or possibly a lot of the nutrition is going to fuel the pathogenic organisms themselves. They are life forms that seek not only to survive, but also to colonize.

These pathogens are not really classed as disease in and of themselves, but they do use the human body as their breeding grounds. This in turn results in a tremendous degree of stress on the body. That is one of the major aspects that I see in CFS patients, in that a phenomenal amount of stress is present, and stress has many different manifestations in the body. Even the medical industry sees CFS as being different in each individual. In fact, some doctors will agree that there is an entity called CFS while others will assertively deny that it even exists. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that it is psychosomatic, or “all in their patient’s head”.

Even though we have had childhood streptococcal infections and flu bugs that we have supposedly conquered and long forgotten about, we are still battling them. Even though at that time, our immune systems were able to deal with them (we talked in a previous article about the immune system working to deal with the challenge so as to remove it to the extent that it is just below the tolerance line) there are leftover remnants which will live on in our bodies probably for most if not all of our lives. It is these pathogens which create such a stress on our bodies. This is the direction we need to go in order to understand more about CFS.

While good nutritional dietary habits are so very important, we need to realize that it is not the whole key to overcoming CFS. If you give most patients a chance to think back, say to their early childhood, teen years or early twenties, at some point they had an infection or inflammation that really stayed with them. More times than not, they will remember that they did never quite get over it or it seemed to hang on forever. The remnants of that particular inflammation, the pathogen’s antihistic response has stayed with them throughout the years.

The body has to fight at a cellular level, fighting these remnants of viruses or leftover pathogens continually, every single day of our lives. The immune system just never gets a rest from that point on.

Let me say that cold or flu-like symptoms are not necessarily bad, because it is letting you know that your immune system is capable of fighting and producing a reaction, but imagine that your body continues to have a low grade fever every single day for several years. Over time you are probably not even aware of it, but it places stress on your system. While it doesn’t become a major debilitating disease, your body is just rarely functioning with a very heavy stress being placed on the lymphatic system.

Even with long-term CFS, if you know that your immune system is still functioning you need to not only get the proper nutrients, but also need to do some type of stimulation to get some deeper body response going for you.

I always try to link CFS back to a previous illness. I feel that we are really dealing with a lot of side issues that while patients may feel that they are in the category of CFS, they may actually have some other areas of challenge that need to be addressed, instead.

So, to fit into the category of CFS, it is important that you have seen your physician; that you have gone through a basic blood-screening and made sure there is not something else underlying your symptoms. Have a talk with you physician. See if he or she feels there might be something else to look for.

If you can, determine if you suffered an early childhood or teenage illness that stayed with you longer than you expected. If you find it really stayed with you and you have ruled out other factors, then consider not only the nutritional approaches you can take, but also some of the other modalities whereby you can stimulate a deeper body response. Let us focus on what you can do to get rid of the pathogens that are causing this irritation and keeping your immune system constantly fighting those deadly pathogens.

Remember also that these pathogens are what we call partial pathogens (in that they are not being fully aggressive but are slowly surviving and continuing to colonize throughout your system). They are not a full-scale infection. That is why it is so difficult to work with. A simple antibiotic that a physician might prescribe and that would normally do wonders in combatting a major infection is not going to touch this because it is not a full-blown “aggressive” infection.

Let us briefly mention diet. If you have been following my articles, you will remember that I dwell a great deal on the fact that much of the crap we put into our mouths generally result in a larger than usual build up of poisonous and toxic acid wastes. It is important to be really watching your diet. I am going to presume that I am addressing an audience that is sincerely health-conscious and that you already have enough of a foundation that I need not dwell on the basic elements of good nutrition.

There are any number of books available whereby one can build a foundation of good dietary habits. While I personally am very satisfied and grateful for my dietary lifestyle, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of using the YU-CCAN products on a continual maintenance basis as I myself do.

We have talked about exercise before, but to recap, it is amazing how a good brisk walk on a constant daily basis, while breathing deeply and expelling gaseous wastes can keep our bodies toned up and be able to utilize energy more effectively.

It is also important to be able to set aside just ten or fifteen minutes daily, alone, while quietly reflecting on the day just past and the morrow. This is a great stress reliever. Try these things for two or three weeks and I know it will become a daily and profitable routine.

All these considerations can surely help the body deal with fatigue and give the body the best chance to deal with all those pathogens that quite possibly have been hanging on for years.

And when you friends and acquaintances see positive changes in your health and energy (our attitudes tend to change noticeably as well), what a splendid opportunity to be able to share with them the wonderful health-giving opportunity that we all have in YU-CCAN.

All it takes is making the simple decision to DO IT!

The Immune System

The immune system … An incredible marvel that defies description. I sometimes muse that of all the fascinating wonders of the Universe, if there is anything as awesome as the immune forces that regulate the human body.

Even yet, science has to discover many aspects of its’ intricacies. It is such a complex and intelligent network of glands and systems and tissues that work in unison to protect the body so that homeostasis is always the order of the day!

It’s been said that trillions of actions are coordinated in the body every single second of one’s life, all under the supervision of that intelligence we call the immune system. I tend to view it as a vast and effective computerized war machine with agents like the T cells being seen in context as the infantry and the B cells being the weaponry, all with an incredibly complex network of spies that report any covert activities or alien invaders; able to muster the “armed forces” at a moment’s notice and stand vigil over us from our first to our very last breath.

Truly, the body knows exactly what to do in order to heal itself and, except for a few genetic or developmental defects, knows how to take perfect care of itself. One of the main goals of the immune system is to ensure “homeostasis”, i.e., the ability to regulate all functions of the body in unison with each other. It can help the body to withstand astounding amounts of abuse and still maintain equilibrium and, when that doesn’t work, then it will institute a healing crisis that we would define as acute disease. If that doesn’t establish homeostasis then it will continue another step further and institute the beginnings of chronic disease. (And let’s not forget that disease is nothing else but an attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of putrid, fermented and decayed acid wastes and that disease is merely a warning shot from the immune system that change is necessary.)

It’s a sad fact that many need to get to the point of severe disease challenges before they can become motivated enough to make needed changes in their lifestyles. Studies have shown that the MAJORITY of people in our culture today are suffering from an overburdened and exploited digestive system. And guess who the culprits are? Why, us, of course. In order to satisfy our corrupted palates we throw whatever we feel like into our mouths with no thought for the morrow and we expect our stomachs and gastrointestinal system to accept it with gratification. The mere fact that our bodies do withstand the abuse we give them has to be one of the miracles of life.

Education is the key to health. Our focus must be to assist the immune system by doing our part to keep the body as free as possible from a buildup of poisonous and toxic acid wastes. We are so fortunate to have at our disposal, those wonderful products as produced and distributed by the YU-CCAN Corporation and we need to be responsible in exposing these tremendous helps to as many people as possible.

But in considering the wisdom of our own Dr. Roy, we need also to be aware of the educational responsibility we have toward the use of these products. Let’s not forget that we live in a society that has inculcated in us the concept that if a little is good, then a lot must be better. AND THAT JUST ISN’T SO! We need to be consistently learning the proper techniques of taking these incredible and wonderful YU-CCAN products and sharing those balanced practices with others.


The state of our nation’s health is in trouble and we are in a position to make a difference. We need to be aware of that healing wisdom resident within us and we need to understand that one must take responsibility for their health into their own hands.

Are You Eating Healthy Foods?

There is no feeling in the world like the continual awareness of good health and well-being.

We’ve been there. We’ve had those times when we just felt so good that we almost felt invincible. The sun was shining, we whistled and hummed as we went along our affairs; we had a kind word and a smile for everyone who happened on our path; we had a terrific level of energy. But, as you know, it just didn’t last.

What happened?

Why do we have those peaks of incredible health and energy only to see it head for the basement a day or two later? We feel low on energy and run down, and sluggish. It’s happened to all of us, hasn’t it?

We need to learn the reasons why we feel those highs and lows and then concentrate on those reasons that have made us ride the crest of good energy. We also need to know what caused those lows, so as to be able to avoid them.

Many of you have heard me say many times that the number one reason for sickness and disease is because of a buildup and accumulation of poisonous and toxic acid wastes in the body. You also know that the most effective method is the use of the three premier products of YU-CCAN, namely CANAID Herbal Supplement, YU-CCAN Herbal Supplement and B-FIT.

While these products themselves go to assist the body in detoxifying and purifying itself and also helping to assist the body in maintaining the state of inner environmental wholeness, we need to learn the reasons we got there in the first place.

Let us examine the usual lifestyles of most people. First thing most people do upon arising is look for a coffee. Now coffee, of and by itself (in great moderation of course), is beneficial for the body. In addition, most people alter their coffee by adding a few mere poisons, i.e., sugar, cream, milk, honey, etc., to satisfy their corrupt palates.

Then come the donuts or the Danish rolls to get them started . If you ever have the occasion to sit in one of those fast food outlets that serve coffee and donuts and observe not only how much people consume but also how they consume it, you’re in for an interesting experience. People don’t chew today, they inhale their food.

This takes them to the morning coffee break. By then, of course, they need that ongoing fix of another coffee and more often than not, another couple donuts or Danishes. They are all so loaded with refined white sugar so as to give their bodies that false sense of energy and “go”.

This generally takes them through to the noon whistle. Now comes the real fun stuff; studies have shown that this is the average morning diet of the “average” Joe and Sally.

Notwithstanding that there has been the usual absorption of chemical insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers and those chemicals used to process that coffee even before we mix it with those aforementioned poisons. We also add as gifts for the stomach the ingredients of that mess that we’ve come to give such names as donut, Danish, croissant, etc., in other words, enriched white flour. Imagine, they have the gall to call it “enriched”. Enriched with what, we may ask? Why, synthetically produced vitamins which have about as much life in them as the paper I’m writing this on.

Don’t you just love these words? Enriched, fortified, how about naturally flavoured? If I keep this up, I’m not going to get past lunch in considering how our bodies get to the unhealthy states that they do. And what about those health-conscious folks who like to “eat healthy”? Soups and sandwiches, of course. But let us work on that sandwich a bit. Most people today do really prefer white bread. You know… the kind they make with an air compressor? At least, that is the way it seems to me.

I’ve seen a lot of people ask for “brown bread” or “whole wheat”, though. Another sad joke. The sad part of it all however, is that they really believe they are putting healthy food into their bodies. The same additives are used in whole wheat bread as are used in refined white (and let us not forget enriched) bread.

On to the soup. Many of the smaller food outlets will open a can of soup and pop it into the microwave to be heated. Now, we all know what happens to it then. How about the bigger places, where they have soup of the day? First of all, no restaurant in its right mind would even have soup of the day unless it knew it was going to sell a large quantity of it. So the cook on the night shift must prepare the ingredients by cutting up all the vegetables and meats so that the morning shift can throw it in the pot and boil it up for noon. This destroys the enzymatic nutrients in the food, long before it even sees the soup-pot. Please understand that I am not beating up on restaurants and coffee wagons and so on. It just happens that this is usually the most popular medium used. Our train of thought remember, is to address the cause of the buildup and accumulation of those contaminating and life-destroying acid wastes. How many of you chew to liquid consistency before swallowing? The bottom line is that we are never going to be entirely free of these wastes.

We are so fortunate to have access to the tremendous YU-CCAN products that continually assist us on our quest for good health and well-being.

This is all serious stuff we are talking about. If we don’t have good health, what do we have? We live in a dangerous age, where our foods are so chemically denatured and our waters are so poisoned and our environments are so polluted that the result is a horrific attack on our immune system, the guardian of our health. There are some good products out there that will assist us in achieving and maintaining good health, but to date, I have not been able to find anything that will even remotely compare with those tremendous YU-CCAN products.

In my clinic, I continue to receive feedback almost on a daily basis on the benefits of those YU-CCAN products. Every YU-CCAN distributor and preferred customer should continually share these products with their friends and loved ones.

Medical Crisis

Modern Medicine is in the greatest crisis of its career…and that’s no secret. People are coming to realize more than ever that the Western medical establishment is in a state of terrible disarray.

Modern medicine, while excelling in many acute traumatic situations and in certain degrees of viral control, varying degrees of physical emergencies and often highly complex and successful feats of surgery, has failed miserably when it comes to the responsibility of being the guardian of our health.

The new and complex diseases that are arising are baffling to many of today’s medical approaches. Why are we paying more for our medical care while accomplishing less when it comes to good health and well-being?

Why is it that medicine has adopted an approach that essentially says “We need to wait and see what develops before we can treat it”? Why does medicine not question our lifestyles to find the causes of diseases today? Is there any difference if I were to let my leaky roof continue leaking until structural damage has occurred and then set about repairing the damage while not attending to the leak? I don’t think so!

This is not to say that doctors are not trying their best, but more and more people in our society are also realizing that they need to take responsibility for their own health. In fact, a recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine found that a full 45% are acknowledging the effectiveness of the alternative approach. It is less complicated to learn balanced and proper health principles than it is to learn about medicine and disease.

(Former) Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, in his 1986 Report of Health And Nutrition, pointed out that “dietary imbalances are the leading contributors to premature death in the U.S.” and he recommended the expansion of nutrition and modification education for all health care professionals.

This, from the Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia: “Fully 37% of cancers, 45% of heart disease, 5% of cerebrovascular disease, and 49% of arthoro-sclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is prevented through lifestyle modification.” (Public Health Service Bulletin, 1975.) Imagine! They knew that way back then.

Remember first that sickness and disease are merely the end result of a long and slow process which began in the body a long time ago. Such a constant taxation has been made on the immune system that it finally began to institute a major healing crisis in the form of what we call disease, in a last-ditch effort to plead with us to help clean itself up internally, so it can get on with the business of preserving and nurturing our bodies. Your body is the best doctor! Since time immemorial, physicians have known that most remarkable secret of all: Your body knows how to heal itself of essentially any challenge presented it.

The good doctor knows that they do not heal or cure you of your ailment. They know that all they can do is help you with their knowledge, and that your healing must occur from the inside to the outside. The good doctor’s responsibility is to help their patient to understand that the miraculous and powerful forces are flowing through us all at this very moment. We must concentrate on keeping our bodies relatively free of poisons and toxins and seek to wash our minds with thoughts of health and wholesome appreciation of the wonderful bodies that nature has given us to be the keepers of.

There is no feeling like the continual awareness of good health and well-being. We have at our disposal these tremendous YU-CCAN products that make the job so much easier for us. Our main task is to concentrate on the wisdom of using these products with balance and moderation and ultimately good health will take care of itself. It is my desire to share with you some common sense approaches such as drinking only purified water, chewing our foods to liquid consistency (try it!) before swallowing, not eating microwaved foods, etc., and especially the proper uses of the tremendous YU-CCAN products, that will ultimately give us the greatest opportunity to feel full of good health and well-being on a continual day-to-day basis.

Benefits of YU-CCAN with Other Modalities

One of the basic modalities of healing that I work with in my clinic is that of producing formulas high off the homeopathic similimum which remove us from the category of classical homeopathic medicine.

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with homeopathic medicine, it is a modality of therapeutics that was made popular by the German physician Doctor Samuel Hahnemann in the early 1800s which is based on the “Law of Similars” or if you will, “a hair of the dog that bit you.”

Homeopathy did not originate with Hahnemann, but goes back to Hippocrates, considered by many to be the father of modern medicine. Homeopathy, in fact, has always been an empirical curricular of medical thought.

The basic law of homeopathic similars state that a substance will effect a state of cure in a person that arises naturally if it produces that state when given to an individual.

People sometimes have a difficult time understanding something that produces a state similar to the one that you have. The reason that makes sense is because symptoms are really attempts by the body to heal itself. For example, if you ingested any poisonous substance, your body would respond through the modality of nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, fever, perspiration and so on. All these are actually manifestations of the body attempting to heal itself.

The major difference between this and modern conventional medicine is that the conventional approach devises formulations in an attempt to mask the symptoms, i.e., make the pain go away and everything should be all right. This actually hinders the body’s own natural attempts to heal itself.

Homeopathy will actually help to push the body naturally in the direction it was going in the first place in an attempt to save itself.

Samuel Hahnemann himself understood that homeopathy, of and by itself wasn’t really enough to help people. He mentioned in his writings about the “obstacles to cure” and there were many of those.

One of those obstacles to cure was good nutrition.

Today, due to our chemically denatured foods, not to mention our nutritionally-depleted topsoils, along with our polluted waters and poisoned environments, we are not getting the benefits from our food that we should. The foods themselves are also

responsible in large part for the continual accumulation of acid wastes in the body.

The technology I’ve worked with over the years in my clinic always gave me a tremendous amount of gratification, when I receive feedback from those I’ve worked with.

Another major obstacle to cure the Hahnemann wrote about was the high amount of toxins and wastes that continually accumulate in the body. I have found that the YU-CCAN formulas very effectively and consistently meet that other obstacle to cure. As long as there is an accumulation of toxins, the body’s own immune forces will be severely hindered and prevented from carrying out their life-giving functions.

The YU-CCAN products fit in so perfectly with the body’s own natural healing processes in that they assist the body to prevent the accumulation of acid wastes while, at the same time, assisting the body’s immunity processes.

I have observed that YU-CCAN’s intrinsic approach is striking a terrific chord in the hearts of many people; especially once they understand not only what disease is, but also what disease is not.

Most people have been taught that viruses, pathogens and bacteria are the cause of disease, and that just isn’t so. These visitors come to the body as a result of the disease conditions that we create. You have heard it said that no bacteria, no virus or pathogen has ever caused a disease. They are nurtured by the excessive amounts of body wastes that we allow to accumulate in our systems.

It was only when I began to make sure that people, in additions to my own modalities, would take in unison the 3 premier YU-CCAN products that we started seeing immediate results.

There is a great shift in societal consciousness coming about today because, more than ever, people are coming to realize that they must take responsibility for their health into their own hands.

Remember that the mother of all healing is the body itself.

As YU-CCAN distributors, our compelling purpose should be to help as many people as possible to feel fully alive and with a boundless supply of continual high energy that only the blessings of good health can bring.