Shower Filters

Why use a Yu-ccan Shower Filter?


Chlorine in shower water can trigger negative reactions in those who are chlorine sensitive. Small children and the elderly are often the most susceptible. Asthma and emphysema sufferers should be cautious of the chlorine vapors trapped in a shower recess. In a confined shower recess, especially one with poor ventilation, the chlorine escapes from the water as we shower and steadily increases in concentration in the air we breathe. Chlorine causes pulmonary edema, and it would seem likely that regular exposure to chlorine gas, even at low levels such as in normal showering, may reduce the oxygen transfer capacity of the lungs. Chlorine chemically bonds to the protein in our hair and skin. It leaves hair dry and brittle and contributes to dry scalp and dandruff. Chlorine destroys the natural bacterial balance of the skin. Our skin, our largest single organ, has an ecology of it’s own and needs to be preserved in order to maintain a healthy skin.

The YU-CCAN SHOWER FILTER provides both an immediate and long term solution to the problem of free chlorine in shower water. It uses the patented filter media called KDF-55 which changes the molecular structure of chlorine by reversing the method by which chlorine is made. KDF-55 has proven to be many times more effective than carbon in removing chlorine. KDF is 100% recyclable as is the Filter Housing

YU-CCAN SHOWER FILTER remains effective for hundreds of showers. With an effective life of 15,0000 gallons can be doubled by following simple maintenance instructions (backflushing).

In stringent laboratory testing the YU-CCAN SHOWER FILTER has proven to consistently remove over 90% of free chlorine.

Not only will the YU-CCAN SHOWER FILTER make your hair softer and more manageable and your skin more youthful, but it can save you money, too!

The YU-CCAN SHOWER FILTER comes with your choice of superior quality water conservation shower heads. Heating water is the second largest user of energy and showers account for 32% of all home water used.