Terms of Enrollment

Terms of Enrollment

The applicant requests enrollment as a Distributor for YU-CCAN and agrees as follows:

1. The applicant is an independent contractor and not an agent or employee of YU-CCAN and will be fully responsible for all Federal, Provincial or State taxes on income earned through YU-CCAN. The applicant is responsible for paying any sales, user taxes, business license fees or any other fees, dues or taxes and will not liable YU-CCAN under any circumstances if the Distributor resells any YU-CCAN product.

2. An applicant may terminate this agreement at any time by informing YU-CCAN in writing of such termination.

3. A. In the event the applicant becomes a Distributor but does not maintain any purchase volume (PV) or register for the next year, the applicant will cease to be a Distributor and will lose all rights and privileges as such, and be removed from YU-CCAN file.

B. The company may alter or amend its marketing plan, policies and procedures and or any rules and regulations, believing any amendments to be in the best interest of the Distributors and the operation of the company.

C. A four dollar ($4.00) fee will be deducted from each earnings cheque to cover the cost for genealogy statements, postage and processing This fee is deemed to be a reasonable amount at current costs. However, it will be reviewed to reflect increased costs.

4. The company specifically reserves the right to terminate the Distributorship of any Distributor who does not abide by the policies and procedures and all applicable rules and regulations of YU-CCAN or if the Distributor is found to be violating the spirit and intent of the marketing plan or if the Distributor does anything to discredit the company, its products, its marketing plan, its policies and procedures or for other good cause. Upon termination the Distributor will lose all rights and privileges of a Distributor.

5. By signing this agreement the applicant acknowledges that they have read and understand:

A. The terms of this agreement.

B. The policies and procedures as published by the company.

C. The rules and regulations regarding participation in the marketing plan and specifically agrees to the provision contained herein.